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About Us


Champignons KIS Kochani is the first and largest company in the region that deals with the production and processing of fresh and canned champignon mushrooms. Our company has been a leader on the Macedonian market since 1980, with over 35 years of experience and tradition. The company also operates a plant for production and processing as well as distribution centers in Kochani and Skopje. The annual production capacity is over 1,500 tons of fresh mushrooms. Our products are placed on domestic and foreign markets. Our long tradition, implemented standards for quality and the dedication of our professional team of more than 100 employees in creating a quality product is what makes us different from all the other manufacturers.

Our Mission

As a leader in the production of fresh and canned champignon mushrooms, our mission is the production and distribution of quality, healthy and delicious products which have found their place on your tables for the past 35 years.

Our Vision

Our vision for the company and our products is to become a globally recognizable brand.
We are dedicated towards maintaining the high quality standards that we have adhered to in the past years as well as meeting consumer needs for delicious, healthy and quality products.